We help you to get back on ya bike

Need to fix your bike but can't afford to pay for it? Got no tools? Lacking skills? No problem, come down to our bike shed in Malak and we'll give you a hand. Free of charge. We just want to see you back on your bike (and see Darwin flooded with bikes and cyclists)! Darwin Community Arts proudly runs a bike shed with tools and mentoring advice available free of charge for public.

The bike shed is open from Monday to Thursday 2.30-4.30pm, additional hours depends on public demand. Located in Malak Shopping Centre Underground, the shed has got spare parts from old donated bikes and we would be happy to assist to repair and eventually build up your skills so next time you can even fix your bike by yourself. In case you want to go a step further and creatively decorate your bike, come to our Underground Arts workshop on Saturday morning at the same place.

Darwin Community Arts aims to empower our community. Our vision is 'A Darwin Region where art is made and shared by anyone, anywhere, anytime.'