Darwin Community Arts (DCA) is a non-profit, incorporated Association that focuses on community-based arts and cultural development.

DCA began as Brown’s Mart Community Arts Project (BMCA) in mid-1970s; it was incorporated in 1979. BMCA played a significant role in arts development in Darwin for over thirty years. From it arose other key arts organisations such as Tracks Dance, Corrugated Iron Youth Arts, and the Northern Territory Writers Centre.

BMCA undertook the Reinventing Brown’s Mart program in 2007 to focus on community cultural development at a grassroots level; BMCA changed its name to Darwin Community Arts in April 2008. DCA was originally based at Brown’s Mart in the City; it started piloting grassroots arts development activities in Malak in mid-2007. It ceased managing Brown’s Mart Theatre in 2008 and moved offices to Malak Shopping Centre completely by the second half of 2009.

Since focussing on grassroots arts development and moving to Malak, DCA has significantly increased: partnerships with non-arts organisations; engagement with multicultural and Indigenous individuals and community groups; attendance among local community groups at arts events; patronage and usage of arts-based facilities at Malak; increased funding and resourcing from non-NT arts sources and non-arts sources; production of songs, theatre, and other material by amateur artists; activities in Palmerston and other communities outside Darwin City; awareness and usage of new technologies and digital media in arts education and production.

Malak continues to be a pilot area for DCA's neighbourhood-based approach although its programs and projects cover different neighbourhoods of Darwin Region (which includes the Tiwi Islands, City of Darwin, City of Palmerston, and Litchfield Shire).

Artistic Vision and Mission

"Never underestimate the power of a million amateurs with keys to the factory." - Chris Anderson

Our Vision: A Darwin Region where art is made and shared by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Our Mission: Democratise artistic production and distribution in the Darwin Region.

We wish to build and unleash the creative power of our communities by democratising artistic and cultural production and distribution within our scope of responsibility, and within our capabilities.


Members of the DCA Board, 2017-2018.

Oldrich Dubsky, Chair, was Creative Producer of the Darwin Fridge Festival until he joined Charles Darwin University's Marketing Department in March 2015.

Doug Gillanders, Honorary Treasurer, is General Manager of BizNorth Pty Ltd and a former Executive Officer of Brown's Mart Community Arts.

Darwin Region and Malak

Darwin Region

There are various definitions of Darwin Region, or Greater Darwin; one NT Government definition of the Region includes the area from the Tiwi Islands to the Pine Creek area. DCA has defined its Regional scope for the last six years as an area including the local government jurisdictions of the City of Darwin, City of Palmerston, and Litchfield Shire.

Reinvention 2007

Darwin Community Arts started life as Brown's Mart Community Arts (BMCA) in the 1970s.

BMCA was synonymous in Darwin with two areas of work: firstly, a diverse range of productions and projects which showcased new artists and partnerships, and projects developing arts within the various communities; and secondly, the actual Brown’s Mart theatre, a venue consisting of an intimate theatre and associated spaces used for performances, workshops, gallery showings and other purposes.


Christian (Bong) Ramilo
Executive Officer
Creative Producer - Frontline & Darwin Regional Arts Mesh

Nic Borgese
Creative Producer - Beats & Clips

Vicky Torrefiel & Leisa Govan