Revealing Women

Shel O’Toole and CemeNTworx  Community Theatre are seeking interest in their new collaborative project which they aim to present during next year’s Darwin Fringe Festival.  Revealing Women is an exploration of intimacy and sexuality from a woman’s perspective. 
Questions to be explored in the development of the show include:

  • How confident are you in developing intimacy?
  • How comfortable are you discussing sexuality? With your partner? With others?
  • How has your sexual expression evolved throughout your life?
  • What inhibits your expression of your sexuality?

It is envisaged the production will be a series of vignettes that are expressed through spoken word, dance, song and any other art-form we have the knowledge to create. 
The first conversations will occur on Sunday 27 September, 2015 5pm & Wednesday 30 September 7pm at Darwin Community Arts, Malak Shopping Centre, Cnr Malak/Chambers Crescents.
Please call Shel on 0429199825 if you require more information.