Scratch To Screen 2014

After years of experience in film and television, Actor/Director Nitesh Raj Pant came up with this “Scratch to Screen” hands-on multimedia experience project to encourage amateur and professional media practitioners to come together and work in collaboration to produce multimedia product from scratch.

This project has commenced in October 2014; expressions of interest are now being accepted; please use this Application Form.

This is a pilot project for 2014-2015 which will deliver 1 Movie (Short, Documentary, Music video etc) per month from the start date.

The Film Festival will be held in 2016 to screen all movies that will be produced during the project period and will acknowledge participants for their contributions.

The objective of this project is to provide hands-on experience to interested movie and film enthusiasts who are seeking opportunity to develop their skills, possibly for a career in the multimedia industry, and also encourage diverse community members to produce multilingual digital short movies to reflect the experience of living in multicultural Australia.

Steps of the project:
1. Collaboratively work on short movie script/screenplay from scratch (gain hands-on experience on screenplay);
2. Collaboratively work on planning for the logistics/pre production (gain hands-on experience on directing);
3. Collaboratively work on finalisation of cast, crew and location (gain hands on experience on pre production)
4. Collaboratively work on shooting (gain hands-on experience on digital camera, sound and lighting)
5. Collaboratively work on editing of the movie (gain hands-on experience on digital video editing)
6. Collaboratively finalise movie (gain hands-on experience on post production, marketing project and screening)

For more details contact Silpi Dhungana Pant, Creative Producer, on