Second Revealing Women Introductory Session

Wednesday 30 September 7pm at  Darwin Community Arts Studio,  Malak Shopping Centre
Shel O'Toole and CemeNTworx Community Theatre are seeking interest from women in their new collaborative project Revealing Women which is an exploration of intimacy and sexuality.
A small group met Sunday night and had wide ranging conversations including how the questions on the original flyer might be intimidating for some women.  Please be assured these introduction sessions are conversations where we laugh, we speak, we listen, we share.  All we ask is that you join in the conversation.  There is plenty of time afterwards to decide  if you want to remain involved over the life of the project, whether that be in the development or the actual production.
One thing Brenda Logan and I trust  is women's wisdom so the actual design of the production will emerge throughout the project along with the stories that need to be told.
Our first meeting concluded by the group acknowledging that women's experiences  are influenced by a range of factors including family, culture, class and knowing we really want to have a diverse group of women involved.
Please call Shel on 0429 199 825 if you require more information