Every Friday ‘Self directed arts space’ – CURRENTLY CANCELED

Located @ UNTiTLED gallery + studio
3/1 CARYOTA COURT Coconut Grove
Every Friday from 2-5 pm our creative hub at DCA will be available for you bring in a project your already working on // make art // chill // play your favorite instrument // learn a new language. We will provide a small selection of art supplies // Please note this is an unsupervised program – your free to create whatever you like we just won’t be able to lend a hand.

Darwin Free University 6-7.30pm 1st and 3rd Monday of the month


A free monthly grassroots autonomous space at Darwin Community Arts in Coconut Grove dedicated to the radical redistributing of education and learning. We come together to teach, learn, discuss and share with each other under the principles of autonomy, critical thinking, solidarity, radical equality, accountability and collectivism. Whether you want to learn, present or help organise events, we have a place for you. Please come! DCA in Coconut Grove 6-7.30pm 1st and 3rd Monday of the month

Past Darwin Community Arts projects

Notice of the Annual General Meeting of Darwin Community Arts:

Darwin Community Arts (DCA) will hold its Annual General Meeting:

Saturday, 30 May 2020, 10:00 AM
1 Travers Street, Coconut Grove NT 0810, or
Zoom Meeting (meeting details and password on request)

• Minutes of the 2019 Annual General Meeting
• Business Arising from the 2019 General Meeting
• Financial Report
• Annual Report
• Election of Office Bearers
• Appointment of Auditor
• Other Business

Contact 0889457347 or mail@darwincommunityarts.org.au to request a copy of the Financial Report and for enquiries

Roger Yambeing’s first solo exhibition – UNTiTLED gallery+studio

Please take time to look through the glorious ONLINE CATALOGUE HERE

Pre-recorded interview @ untitled gallery+studio with Roger Yambeing’s ‘Free Space Studio’ Facilitator Dennis Bezzant  HERE

Please sit back, relax and immerse yourself in this glorious exhibition | Roger Yambeing presents – ‘Wait a while’.

‘Wait a while’, details what it’s like to stand in the place of someone else, to see momentarily through their eyes.

Roger Yambeing’s first solo exhibition, Wait a while, details what it’s like to stand in the place of someone else. To see, momentarily, through their eyes, through their lived experience, a world so close yet so far removed from one’s own. Roger Yambeing is a First Nations emerging artist, is non-verbal.

His capacity to capture one’s imaginative attention with his vivacious presence, not with words of speech, transcends our usual levels of communication and calls for us to Wait a While in the sovereign warmth of his character. Likewise, Roger’s art looks out into the world with a visceral presence inviting the viewer to participate in the tactile lush of its marks and gestures, to experience the deeper mystery of its healing force.

Such works as the grid-like colour field of ‘Talisman’, a work of soft pastel pigment or Yambeing’s ‘Pod’ images, organic simplicity in form and texture, that embody a fragile verve all be it in essence of the artist himself. Three dimensional suspended sisal works also take their place in Yambeing’s Wait a While as an existential counterpoint, casting interesting shadow onto an otherwise subtle void.

A poignant synergy vibrates throughout Yambeing’s exhibition, as a melting pot of pure self-expression; zest and belonging – the stuff from which good artists are carved.
So . . . Wait a While, moved in the space of Roger Yambeing’s celebratory life, his art, his presence, his journey.

Dennis Bezzant – T.A.T and arts facilitator – Free Space Studio.

ONLINE EXHIBITION OPENS WEDNESDAY 8 APRIL 2020 @ 6pm darwincommunityarts.org.au

Build-Up Cabaret

Over the past few months the rural community have been sweating it out to bring you this spectacle of talent, this side of the Berrimah line.

Join us for an evening of singing, dancing, comedy and more!

Catered by the wonderful My Sisters Kitchen team.
With dinner and drinks for sale.

Bring a a plate to eat off and a glass to drink from!

Gold Coin Donation on entry

Seats are limited- Reserve you seat now!

There is still time to get involved, we will need volunteers.
Email Anna for more information: anna.weekes@darwincommunityarts.org.au

This event is supported by Litchfield Council and Darwincommunity Arts.

Churning WATERS

Friday 9 August  1:30 – 3:20 pm
Churning waters panel 2019 National Dance Forum
Ticket Purchased through the Darwin Festival or
contact andrea.wicking@saltyplumevents.com

Saturday 10 August 6 – 7:30pm
Indian classical music and dance performance with Uthra Vijay, Sylvia Nulpinditj and Priya Srinivasan, followed by a short performance where they will be joined by Nadine Lee reflecting the essence of Churning Waters.
Afternoon tea provided.
Free event  –  All Welcome.

Monday 12 August 6:30-7:30 pm
Sharing dance, music, art and culture – yarning and growing together the future of Churning Waters. An opportunity for the community to be in conversation with the women behind Churning Waters.
Refreshment provided.
Free event  –  All Welcome.

Continuous and Restoring Ancient to Modern Relationships with Gender Equity and Diversity.


stillnessflow – EXHIBITION

EXHIBITION OPENS 2 August / 5.30-8pm / UNTiTLED gallery+studio.
EXHIBITION RUNS 2 August – 23 August
UNTiTLED gallery + studio (3 Caryota Court Coconut Grove)
This exhibition is the culmination of Amelia Luscombe and Jocelyn Tribe’s collaborative one month studio residency at UNTiTLED gallery+studio. They will be exploring the themes of therapeutic mark-making and intuitive drawing. Through their creative practices the artists have discovered common thematic threads; the residency has been an opportunity for a conversation between these two artists practices to unfold – a conversation initiated out of both artists discovering that each has a need to fulfil self-enquiry and well-being through art.
Gallery Hours Wed to Fri 10am – 4pm | Sat 10am-2pm | Closed Public holidays

The Painter and the Potter

OPENING NIGHT Friday 6 Sept – 6pm -8pm
EXHIBITION RUNS 6 Sept – 27 Sept
UNTiTLED gallery + studio (3 Caryota Court Coconut Grove)

Mother and daughter team, Hilary, the potter and Mandy, the painter, have come together to celebrate 50 years of creating by bringing their respective artistic mediums alongside each other in one space. After 50 years of potting, Hilary’s work represents a departure from her usual wheel thrown work into sculptural, figurative forms. While Mandy’s paintings track her artistic journey, informed by her experiences, since arriving in the NT (only) 13 years ago. For the first time ever, they want to celebrate their respective creative journeys together in this exhibition of paintings and pottery.

Gallery Hours Wed to Fri 10am – 4pm | Sat 10am-2pm | Closed Public holidays


Jocelyn and Amelia will be offering a public workshop as part of their July residency at UNTiTLED Gallery + Studio. The artists will share their experience of fulfilling self-enquiry and wellbeing through drawing by inviting participants to share a creative space that nurtures therapeutic mark making and intuitive drawing while exploring the benefits together.

WHEN: Sunday 14 July. 10am – 12 Noon
WHERE: UNTiTLED gallery+studio – 3/1 Caryota Court 
Contact: untitled@darwincommunityarts.org.au
Numbers are limited – registrations essential.

Studio residency project by Jocelyn Tribe & Amelia Luscombe
RESIDENCY DATES: 28 June – 29 July 2019
Amelia Luscombe and Jocelyn Tribe will undertake a one-month collaborative studio residency exploring the themes of therapeutic mark-making and intuitive drawing. Through their creative practices the artists have discovered common thematic threads; the residency project will be an opportunity for a conversation between these two artists practices to unfold – a conversation that was initiated out of both artists discovering that each has a need to fulfil self-enquiry and well-being through art.


CemeNTworx (DCA) presents
LEMON SKINS as a part of Darwin Fringe Festival 2019
9 and 10 July @ 5.45pm
$10/$5 concession
Browns Mart Theatre

By El Ibo
Directed by Tania Lieman
Performed by El Ibo, Pete Hayes and Jonah Playford

El Ibo is an emerging writer. Lemon Skins is a powerfully haunting and poetic work developed through the Fresh Ink program initiative by Brown’s Mart and Australian Theatre for Young People.

“When you don’t know where you fit in. With the skin that you’re in, the skin that people see you in, or the skin you want to be in? Lemon Skins explores what it’s like to be Asian in a poetic world.”

Pink Frills & Kakadu Thrills

OPENING NIGHT Friday 31 May – 6pm -8pm
EXHIBITION RUNS 31 May – 20 June
UNTiTLED gallery + studio (3 Caryota Court Coconut Grove)

Katie Hagebols has called the NT home since ‘06 and is embarking on her first Territory solo show Pink Frills and Kakadu Thrills – exhibiting an array of fruity, frilled and frivolous fellows immersed in the depths of a techni-coloured incarnation of the Kakadu landscape.

From abstract aerial landscapes to some extra feathered friends donning pinks and purples, this collection is a vibrant and generous journey through a parallel dimension.

If you make the fabulous decision to experience Katie’s work, in the words of Mark A Hunter, ‘You’re gonna have a bloody good time for sure!.’

Gallery Hours Wed to Fri 10am – 4pm | Sat 10am-2pm | Closed Public holidays

Harmony Soiree

Celebrate Darwin’s rich and diverse multicultural community at the Harmony Soiree on Saturday 25 May from 4pm to 8:30pm.

Enjoy authentic food, cultural entertainment and family-friendly activities from different parts of the globe.

In the evening, beautifully decorated lanterns will be released into the lagoon and the event will conclude with a spectacular fireworks finale.

Plastic Glow

OPENING NIGHT Friday 3 May – 6pm -8pm
UNTiTLED gallery + studio (3 Caryota Court Coconut Grove)

‘plastic glow’ is an interactive light experience that explores the seduction, tacit celebration, and our oblivion of all things plastic. the installation utilises interactive light play between layers of plastic to reflect upon our society’s commodity fetishism – how our worlds are encased in plastic. korin lesh is currently a master of visual arts candidate at charles darwin university exploring and creating interactive artworks.

Exhibition runs 3 – 24 May
Gallery Hours Wed to Fri 10am – 4pm | Sat 10am-2pm | Closed Public holidays

Witladla – A Larrakia story for young people

June Mills invites you along to the puppet show of the year!! WITLADLA – A Larrakia story for young people.

Presented by CemeNTworx as part of National Youth Week
Devised and performed by June Mills.

6pm Thursday, April 18th
2-3, 1 Travis Street Coconut Grove
Free entry

Gwalwa Gorowora (Wetlands) June Mills solo exhibition

Larrakia Elder, musician, activist, community Arts worker and visual artist June Mills will showcase a new body of work Gwalwa Gorowora wetland landscapes on textiles. June Mills is a celebrated Larrakia artist and this exhibition is the coming together of a new self-directed solo project and June’s first solo exhibition.

June Mills creates hand-painted garments and textiles. June’s expressions of Larrakia landscapes add extraordinary layers of beauty and detail to the textiles and garments on which she paints. Her works capture the serenity and natural beauty of the Larrakia wetlands and the preciousness of water as a life-giving resource.

Located at:
UNTiTLED gallery + studio
3/1 Caryota Court Coconut Grove
Opening night 5 April 6-8pm
Exhibition runs 5-25 April 2019

This exhibition is also celebrating the LAUNCH of our brand new Gallery in Coconut Grove ‘UNTiTLED gallery + studio’

UNTiTLED Gallery + Studio is a new accessible community visual arts space in Coconut Grove. The space includes a community studio and mini gallery – this landmark solo exhibition by June Mills marks the first ever exhibition in the inaugural UNTiTLED exhibition program in 2019. Exciting! Please join us for the opening event, all welcome!

GALLERY HOURS: Wed – Friday 11am – 4pm // Saturdays 10am – 3pm // Sundays & Public holidays CLOSED
Contact: untitled@darwincommunityarts.org.au


Darwin Community Arts AGM Notice

Hey all lovers of DCA, we are preparing to hold our Annual General Meeting and we are on the lookout for some new Board members to join our exciting and ever evolving grassroots community arts organisation.

If you’ve been thinking about supporting DCA and becoming more involved in the governance – have a think about joining the Board.

27 April – 2pm
3/1 Caryota Court Coconut Grove @UNTiTLED gallery + studio


For Nomination forms email Anna:

The audited Financial Report and 2018 AGM minutes are available on request and there will be copies at the meeting.  We look forward to seeing you there.

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