ART OUT creates community arts projects and activities with Darwin rural residents in and round the rural area.

It is a much anticipated rural arts expansion for Darwin Community Arts (DCA), it is the opportunity to decentralise the community arts practice of our organisation to the vast and varied rural area of Darwin.
Initially the development will focus on the Litchfield areas on the eastern and southeastern outskirts of the Darwin/ Palmerston urban area. The municipality covers an area of 2,914.3 square kilometres and is home to 21,000 people. With the vision to further extend into Arnhem Land, Batchelor and Belyuen.
ART OUT will establish and nurture community partnerships in the rural area with traditional owners, residents, artists, local council, schools and community groups. Through these partnerships a range of community arts and cultural development projects will be conceived, developed and funded.
Most rural communities have a venue that can easily accomodate events and activities. ART OUT will remain mobile and utalise these community spaces for a range of local arts projects including workshops, gatherings, community dinners, multi-art projects, projects for young people and more.
With a strong commitment to finding and funding people from the local community to collaborate and coordinate the programs ART OUT will create more connected and creative rural community. A diverse range of people will have access to making and sharing art. Through this community cultural development work the rural community will explore their sense of cultural identity which will enrich their lives and those of the generations to come.