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Multimedia Project

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A multimedia project to enhance the skills of multilingual youths, adults, and seniors to create informative and engaging multimedia content through a series of workshops and hands-on practical sessions.

1. Northern Territory Permanent Residents (Darwin/Palmerston/Litchfield)
2. Age Group 18+ (Youths, Adults and Seniors)
3. English is second language and can speak at least 2 languages (English and others)
4. Must complete online expression of interest form
5. Must attend 1 half days of face to face workshop (weekend) and 1 online session (self pace) each week and complete 4 weeks of training.
DCA will be producing mini-videos with the shortlisted participants and capture their inspiring stories and voices to influence our community. Also there will be hands on training workshops to learn different aspect of filmmaking (Cinematography, Lighting, Sound recording, Video Editing).
We welcome all to submit the expression of interest to be listed for the project.

Note: Only limited number participants (5-8) will be selected to maintain the social distancing and follow the COVID-19 guidelines. Submission of the expression of interest form will not guarantee the spot.

Please contact Nitesh Raj Pant, Creative Producer on for more details on the project.