This is a measure used by Regional Arts Australia to show the remoteness of your place of work / business and also the project you propose. The MM refers to Modified Monash Model.

Use the link provided in the application form (this is it:

Scroll down the page to the Classification Filter; next to Modified Monash Model, tick the 2019 box; enter your physical address in the 'Find address' field and then enter.

The map will then show your location and the 'MM' to use on the form.

(Guideline page 10 item 5.2)

Regional Arts Australia requires grant applicants falling under the following categories to be auspiced by a legally constituted organisation (check the eligibility document):

  • Individuals without an ABN
  • Unincorporated community groups
  • Young people under the age of 18

(Guidelines page 13 item 7.1)

In-kind support is a dollar amount of the support that you get without paying or at a discounted rate.

Some examples are;

Item -what is being provided? Source - where is it coming from? $ value of contribution
2 weeks of studio space zxy awesome arts organisation 500
gifted art supplies family member 100
discounted car hire cool car buzness 300

This is a currently dated letter (or email) from the writer (a project partner, supporter of the project or artist involved), that they know about your project and any support they are providing (either paid or in-kind). 

To give your application the best chance, ask for these as soon as possible. It is best to make a screen shot of an email rather than copy and paste in to a word style document.

Quick Response Round applicants are notified through smarty grants by the end of the 5th business day.

Project Grant Round applicants are notified up to three months from the round closing.

(Guidelines page 15 item 9)

In general it is ok to put in a variation, send us an email or give us a call and we can add a variation form to your smarty grants portal.

(Guidelines page 16 item 10.4)