David Collins

Artist,  leading street art practitioner (PROPER creative) and curator.
Founder and manager of Mayfair Gallery.

Dick Whittington
Deputy Chair

Technology professional.
Dick has worked on DCA’s digital arts program for over 10 years.

Doug Gillanders
Honorary Treasurer

Former Executive Officer of Brown’s Mart Community Arts.
Human Resources Management professional with BizNorth.

Bong Ramilo
Ex-officio Board Member as DCA’s Executive Officer

Tarzan JungleQueen (McDonald)
DCA staff representative

Visual, graphic, video, screenprint Artist.
Employed with DCA for over 6 years. DCA Marketing manager and UNTiTLED gallery Manager.

Leisa Govan

Visual artist.
DCA Finance Officer.

Beth Caird

Anna Reynalds

Sandar Tun

Multicultural communities leader, interpreter, and translator.
Sandar is a community arts organiser, facilitating My Sisters Kitchen.
Been with DCA for over ten years.

Susan Wong