Artistic Vision and Mission

"Never underestimate the power of a million amateurs with keys to the factory." - Chris Anderson

Our Vision: A Darwin Region where art is made and shared by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Our Mission: Democratise artistic production and distribution in the Darwin Region.

We wish to build and unleash the creative power of our communities by democratising artistic and cultural production and distribution within our scope of responsibility, and within our capabilities.

We wish to see the highest possible number of members of our communities building the capacity to make and share art -- as "amateurs" who make and share for the love of it, as well as "professionals" who make a living out of it -- everywhere, everyday, in every way, to create individually and collaboratively, to build a better world.

We will seek to realise our vision for the coming years through projects -- opportunities for making and sharing art -- that we will build in partnership with our communities. We will have key, major projects that will best help achieve our vision. These key projects will involve a consolidation of existing efforts as well as new initiatives, gathered in more cohesive and articulated frameworks.

We will also continue to run existing projects which we expect will contribute immediately to our vision, and which will grow and develop over the years to further help achieve our long-term vision. We imagine that some projects will end in the coming years, and new ones will emerge according to changing conditions under which we work.