Malak Community Shed

Creative Workshops

The Malak Community Shed is a new community shed promoting creativity, sustainability, social cohesion and a sense of community.

There are several components to this program and it really doesn't look much like the traditional image of a "shed". It is more about the involvement and creativity of the community than about a particular place.

    • Music Jam Bring along your instrument and join in the music jam each Monday night from 7pm in the Malak Studio. The final Monday of each month the Jam session is replaced by the Malak Community Dinner. The dinner provides the opportunity for performance groups to showcase their talents on stage!
    • Beats and Clips Record music and video clips with Dixi and Danny. Program runs each Monday 2-6pm in the Malak Studio. We've got the gear, you've got the talent!
    • Community Garden Learn, share your skills and have fun in the DCA Community Garden. Worm farms, Lady Bug cultures and Wicking beds made from recycled fridges are all part of the program. Come along on Tuesday afternoons from 4;30 until 6:30pm or Saturday mornings from 8:30 until 10:30am. Tools, some materials and a mentor are available to help you create and grow.
    • Our Common Threads Any form of artwork involving textile materials qualifies for this section of the shed. Sewing, weaving, screen printing and designing anything from clothes to utilities to just plain art are all part of the program. Come along to DCA on any Wednesday morning 10am-1pm to join in.
    • Art and Craft DIY Anything creative qualifies, whether beading, 3-D printing, painting, origami, mosaicing, lead lighting and more. Tuesday evenings or Saturday mornings at DCA are busy with people creating and inventing. If you have a project you would like to do, talk to us and we'll see if we can fit it in to the program.

    Conservation volunteers in the Community Garden  Leadlight teacher and pupilOur Commion Threads cutting table

 The first community shed project to be established in the Northern Territory is located in the Northern Suburb of Malak and coordinated by Darwin Community Arts. The Malak Community Shed is used for meetings, seminars, cultural exchange, arts skills training, creation and knowledge transfer, repairing and refurbishing of re-cycled goods for re-purposing. It is also be a place for learning and understanding, a place to meet new people and create opportunities to learn sustainability practices and build on the Malak Community Garden and is inclusive of all.

The Malak Community Shed is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. Go to for more information.