Beats and Clips - Making Online Music at DCA

Beats and Clips wants budding songwriters, singers, musicians and filmmakers to get together with Danny and Dixi to make a demo track and a music clip to get yourself on line, to find your audience.  Also to help you learn the process if you want to do it yourself.  It’s free, just turn up on a Monday from 2pm – 6pm at Darwin Community Arts in Malak Shopping Centre.


It all has to happen every Monday within 4 hours 2pm – 6pm from 5 Oct to the 14 Dec. Bring an idea for a song, or a riff and develop it intensively, rehearse it and record it.  Or if you have your original work ready to go, we can get you into the recording studio real quick.  Then we make a music clip and edit it.


Time is limited and the budget is zero, we have the gear, space and skills and you have the talent, lets get it together and whip up a track and a clip with a little help from us. So get it together real quick and get to Malak on a Monday arvo.   


Interested in music, call Danny – 0438 449 510

Bicycle tinkerer, artist: musician, music producer, sound engineer, disc jockey remixer,

whose hair is much older than he is. 


Interested in filmmaking, call Dixi – 0403 995 751

Has done a myriad of film jobs over many years and is a freelance arts and screen worker,

who also knits and sews. Whose hair is as old as she is.  


Or email –



Ali Mills - Something Special About Darwin - 2.35 from Fist Full of Films Festival NT on Vimeo.


Go to this link to see Ali Mills song made thru beats & clips



Funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.

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