Darwin Regional Arts Mesh (DRAM)

Image courtesy of http://www.atn.com.au

Darwin Community Arts (DCA) will initiate and spearhead the building of the Darwin Regional Arts Mesh (DRAM), a mesh that will facilitate decentralised, distributed, and mobile opportunities for making and sharing art across the Darwin Region.

DRAM will facilitate and support collaboration of people, places, facilities, equipment, and ideas across Darwin. A mesh is a form of network where every node (point of activity and interconnection) has connections to every other node, so that nodes will always be connected to each other even if some nodes fail, or when new nodes are added. A mesh is not reliant on a central device to run and propagate.

Nodes, or points on the mesh, will connect people and resources in localities (suburbs, precincts, neighbourhoods, streets, homes, offices, schools, and so on); nodes in different localities will also be connected. There will also be nodes that are region-wide in coverage and significance, such as bigger arts and culture facilities, in Malak and other places.

Nodes will be run by individuals and groups who will collaborate according to agreed protocols. There will be no hierarchical organisational management structure, though working groups will be formed for various tasks as needed – a secretariat may be formed to coordinate the work of the working groups.

DRAM will mobilise ideas as well as people and resources across the region. It will explore forms of mobility in recognition of the challenge of working in a big region, with a spread-out small population, and a limited public transportation system. We will look at shuttle services, and other mechanisms to facilitate physical access to distributed facilities across the region. We will also develop, in partnership with others, mobile arts production and distribution facilities, such as a Mobile Telecentro to bring resources to communities.

We will use online tools to maintain and grow the mesh. These tools – a digital platform – will provide the means for content production and publishing, collaboration, and resource sharing. Among the components of the digital platform to be built and maintained by DRAM are:

  • Common Arts and Culture Calendar for the Darwin Region
  • Artists' Register and Directory
  • Reservation and Booking System for Venues and Equipment
  • Forums and other online facilities.

The design of the mesh will develop through discussion and collaboration with its members.

To discuss DRAM in more detail, please contact:

Christian (Bong) Ramilo
Executive Officer
Darwin Community Arts
Phone 08 8945 7347