Computers for Seniors - Training My Computer

Training a computer in comfort.

Specially for Seniors who find their computers, phones or tablets hard to control, these workshops will show you how to turn computing into a usefull tool for doing everything from editing and storing photos to working with centrelink and banks.

Workshops will be help at Darwin Community Arts' Telecentro (community Internet centre) at Malak Shopping Centre, which will provide broadband Internet access, use of various mobile devices and desktops, projectors, and other facilities. These will be small classes of one to three people so no-one gets lost in the IT jargon and everyone has a chance to ask all their questions.

Topics covered will include;

*Introduction to Cloud Computing (Background, Concepts, Platforms, Devices)

* Google Apps for getting Stuff done online (Google, Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Hangouts, etc)

* Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc)

* Apps for different needs and desires (Evernote, Trello, banking, travel, etc)

* Free and Open Source stand-alone software to complement the Cloud (LibreOffice, etc)

Other topics may be workshopped as requested by participants.

Phone 8945 7347 or call in to DCA at Malak to organise the lessons you need.

Workshops in partnership with Darwin Seniors Computer Club will be held Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 2pm to 4pm or other times by arrangement

Supported by Australia Post- 'Our Neighbourhood Trust' Community Grants program