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 Arts Access Darwin Publication: The Creative Toolkit: An Information Toolkit to Support the Teaching & Facilitation of Visual Arts Studio Practice for People with Disability


The Creative Toolkit is based on the artistic approach taken to supporting visual artists with disability at The Free Space Studio. The Free Space Studio is an inclusive and accessible visual art studio, based at Darwin Community Arts, which provides an inclusive creative workspace and an ongoing a program of skills development workshops for artists with disability.

The participants at The Free Space Studio are people with disability from diverse cultural backgrounds, who are living in the multicultural urban regional centre of Darwin. The approach to art-making described in this toolkit is a predominantly western approach to visual art, design principles and concepts of individual creativity. These western artistic concepts may not necessarily translate to the specific traditional art practices of people who come from indigenous or multicultural backgrounds. Where people from indigenous or multicultural backgrounds are concerned art teaching should always be culturally supportive and allow for an exploration of the of each individuals cultural perspectives as inspiration for art making - this is something the Free Space Studio is sensitive to and makes a lot of time for. 

It is my hope that this toolkit is a useful resource for disability support workers, who wish to support their clients to participate in visual arts programs or assist their clients to develop an independent professional visual arts practice. The Creative Toolkit is designed to help inform support workers to take an ethical approach to assisting their clients to make art, by encouraging creative freedom and independent creative decision making. 

Amina McConvell, 2016

The publication of The Creative Toolkit was proudly sponsored by the Northern Territory Government's Community Benefit Fund

The Creative Toolkit was produced by Arts Access Darwin with the support of Darwin Community Arts

Written By Amina McConvell, Creative producer, Arts Access Darwin | Darwin Community Arts, 2016

Graphic Design by Tarzan DesignsJungles, 2016 

Photography by Fiona Morrison

Images courtesy of the artists from Free Space Studio, Darwin, NT

The Creative Toolkit