Beats and Clips: Digital Stories

Express your views through video, photography, music and storytelling.

DCA Beats and Clips project is open for anyone interested in developing and sharing skills used to create digital stories.

Beats and Clips: Digital Stories uses popular and contemporary approaches to digital photography, video, and audio to tell stories of communities. Some approaches include maximising mobile phones and tablets as tools, adapting One Take Movies, Street Photography, Photovoice and other methods that produce digital stories easily and effectively.

Project participants have the opportunity to showcase their work at community events and be rewarded cash prices through a peer and audience selection process.

The digital stories created can be distributed through Instagram, YouTube, Google, Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter and other online channels.

Beats and Clips: Digital Stories workshops are held every Monday, commencing August 21, at the DCA Studio, Malak Shopping Centre, between 2pm and 6pm.

If interested call nic on 0434 732 550 or email