Monday Night Music Jam

On Monday 18th September, 2017 DCA will host the MUSIC JAM at the DARWIN RSL NORTH, located in Marrara, tucked away on the corner of Amy Johnson Drive and McMillans Road. Access via Batten Road, next to the Filipino Community Centre.

If musos need extra info contact Daniel Pattiselanno on 0438 449 510 

Free Music School in the Mall

During the October school holidays we will hold three free guitar lessons for young people aged between 10 and 16 in the Darwin Mall. This activity is part of DCA ‘The Makery’ project that aims to contribute to the transformation of the city into a Central Cultural District.

The Free Music School in the Mall is not funded, as aren’t most activities that are part of The Makery. Well, yes, we missed out on the Live Darwin funding; no sour grapes here, just a little bewilderment as to how an organisation with a track record on revitalising communities (see Malak), could be overlooked for attempts to invigorate the city.

Nonetheless, as always, equipped with more enthusiasm than resources, we continue to encourage people to participate in the arts and cultural development, and in the process make things better for everyone.

So, on the Monday, Wednesday and Friday of the October school holidays, from 11am to 11:45 we will have three introductory classes for budding guitar players. Parents and guardians can leave their young ones with us for the time, browse around, and then take them for a nice lunch somewhere in the city.

As mentioned, the Free Music School in the Mall is not funded, and thus we cannot provide refreshments to the participants, so please make sure that they have plenty of water and/or snacks if needed. What we can provide for participants is handouts and notes for further practising.

The activity in the Mall needs a busking permit from City of Darwin, and that can only be issued each morning, according to new regulations. If we miss out on a busking spot for the day, we won’t defy the order and expose participants to authorities enforcing the law, instead we will conduct the Free Music School in the Mall at The Makery, shop 6 West Lane Arcade.

Disclaimer: DCA will not be held responsible if following the lessons participants will nag their parents or guardians for a guitar of their own.

Tell me a story, remember what you said!

Storytelling is one of the oldest methods humans have embraced to communicate, transfer and create knowledge and culture. Different traditions employ different methods – oral, pictorial, songs, music and the written form, to mention just a few.

If you want to share a story or few come and sit around the “camp fire” at The Makery, shop 6 – Westlane Arcade, Darwin. We can digitally record the story with you, and according to your preference (e.g. audio only, video, still photographs put together in a clip).

With your consent, we can publish it widely on digital platforms, or just send it to you to remember what you said.

If you want to know more please email: - or call nic on 0434 732 550

Beats and Clips: Digital Stories

Express your views through video, photography, music and storytelling.

DCA Beats and Clips project is open for anyone interested in developing and sharing skills used to create digital stories.

Beats and Clips: Digital Stories uses popular and contemporary approaches to digital photography, video, and audio to tell stories of communities. Some approaches include maximising mobile phones and tablets as tools, adapting One Take Movies, Street Photography, Photovoice and other methods that produce digital stories easily and effectively.

Project participants have the opportunity to showcase their work at community events and be rewarded cash prices through a peer and audience selection process.

The digital stories created can be distributed through Instagram, YouTube, Google, Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter and other online channels.

Beats and Clips: Digital Stories workshops are held every Monday, commencing August 21, at the DCA Studio, Malak Shopping Centre, between 2pm and 6pm.

If interested call nic on 0434 732 550 or email

Malak Marketplace

Open every Saturday evening from 29th April until 28th October Evening Market at Malak
From 4pm till 9pm at the Chambers Crescent car park behind the Malak shops.

The market provides an exciting venue for local arts and crafts with live entertainment and a multicultural range of delicious foods in a comfortable tropical setting.

CemeNTJam Theatre Workshops

free theatre workshops

Presented by Darwin Community Arts and CemeNTWorx

FREE workshops covering;
impro, acting and devising, script work- leading to performance opportunities.
8 sessions to kick off with.

Starting Tuesday February 21st at 6.30pm
Chambers Crescent Theatre , Malak Shopping Centre
To register contact Tania


Image: Callum Elliot working at the Free Space Studio on his self-portrait, for the POP-UP-PORTRAIT PROJECT 2016, Callum is a student at Project 21, a project of the Downs Syndrome Association of the NT.

The Free Space Studio is an inclusive and supportive visual arts studio project focused on the development of studio skills for artists with disability. Since 2013 The Free Space Studio has been housed at the Darwin Community Arts; and in 2016 has also started running workshops at Project 21, a project of the Downs Syndrome Association NT.

The Free Space Studio aims to promote the public recognition of the arts practices of visual artists with disabilities through providing studio space, skills development workshops and by facilitating exhibition opportunities and other professional practice outcomes.

The Free Space Studio visual arts workshops will resume on WED 1 FEB 2017. 
Enrolments for Term 1 2017, will close on WED 25 JAN.  ENROLMENT IS ESSENTIAL

All participants must fill in a new enrolment form (attached) at the beginning of the new year, this form includes a media consent form & sections to inform our art tutors of participants specific personal and support needs.

TERM FEES ARE  $100.00 per 10 week term for 1 session per week. (all art materials included)

 The term fee of $100 must be paid up front at the beginning of each term to secure a place in the workshop.

Electronic Transfer Details For Fee Payment:

 Darwin Community Arts:

Bendigo Bank

BSB: 633 000



Fees can also be paid in cash at the Darwin Community Arts office during business hours WED – FRI.


Open Letter to the 45th Parliament on Multiculturalism and the Arts

An Open Letter from Australian artists has calleed on the 45th Parliament to reaffirm its commitment to core values of Australia’s cultural life and reject racist legislation.

Spokesperson for the group and Executive Officer for Darwin Community Arts, Bong Ramilo, said: “The recent election to the Australian Parliament of politicians who campaigned on policies that present a direct threat to the multicultural fabric of our country is of deep concern to us. These policies include:

  • Abolishing multiculturalism,
  • Revoking the Racial Discrimination Act of 1975,
  • Instituting "zero net" immigration,
  • Banning the immigration of Muslims into Australia. 

We are calling on the 45 th Parliament to ensure racist legislation is not adopted in Australia.”

Spokesperson Jami Bladel from Tasmania’s KickStart Arts said: “We want our newly elected leaders to restate their commitment to the principles and values enshrined in the Commonwealth Government’s multicultural policy. All Australians have the right to equality of treatment and opportunity, and the removal of barriers of race, ethnicity, culture, religion, language, gender or place of birth relating to freedom of expression, equality”.

The group is in the process of gathering support for their open letter from the arts sector and the broader community and will be writing to each of the newly elected parliamentarians.

For more information please contact

Bong Ramilo – 0414 682 350 -

Jami Bladel - 0439 342 775 -

The Open Letter has been released through #freethearts on Facebook:

Text of the Open Letter

When Parliament resumes this week there will be nearly 40 new Members engaged in decision making for our nation.

Culture is at the heart what it is to be human and culture is at the core of decision making.

We the Artists of Australia, united by our aspiration for a better world, call on the new parliament to re-affirm the following core principles that have been articulated in Commonwealth Government’s multicultural policy:

• All Australians have the right to express and share their unique cultural heritage.
• All Australians have the right to equality of treatment and opportunity, and the removal of barriers of race, ethnicity, culture, religion, language, gender or place of birth;
• Australia’s multicultural composition is at the heart of our national identity and is intrinsic to our history and character.
• Multiculturalism is in Australia’s national interest and speaks to fairness and inclusion. It enhances respect and support for cultural, religious, and linguistic diversity.

Culture is not simply about arts and heritage, it is the community creation of values, meaning and purpose in life. The arts play an important role in shaping and challenging how we think and feel, and who we understand ourselves to be as a nation.

Cultural vitality is as essential to a healthy and sustainable society as social equity, environmental responsibility and economic viability.

We call on the 45th Parliament to ensure decision making that protects and preserves the dignity of our many peoples through policies that support and encourage Australian cultural diversity in its many forms.

The election to the Australian Parliament of politicians who campaigned on policies that present a threat to multiculturalism in Australia is of deep concern to us.
The policies we refer to include:

• Abolishing multiculturalism,
• Revoking the Racial Discrimination Act of 1975,
• Instituting "zero net" immigration,
• Banning the immigration of Muslims into Australia.

Such policies are racist and must not be tolerated.

We call on the 45th Parliament to ensure racist policies are not adopted and that multicultural arts and artists are supported and encouraged to lead cultural development and practice.

We see a future where creative thought and practice takes us beyond the divisions of race or culture. Where citizens experience strength in diversity, beauty in difference and have the courage to love instead of hate. 

DCA What We Do the Movie

Short film about what DCA does in Malak and beyond. 

Darwin Community Arts - What we do. from Fist Full of Films Festival NT on Vimeo.

DCA Creative Programs 2017

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