KYD re-volution and CemeNTworx Community Theatre presents: “Evolution."
Saturday, 17 October @ 6pm
Chambers Crescent Theatre, Malak Shopping Centre
Darwin is a blossoming community, filled with talent and everlasting potential. As a local Darwin based dance crew, we want to share and showcase these talents to the public.  “KYD Re-volution” aims to show how different art forms such as dance and music have progressed and ‘evolved’ in the Territory; and also to show how the youth of today continue to evolve together as a community, as individuals, as artists and as human beings.


Second Revealing Women Introductory Session

Wednesday 30 September 7pm at  Darwin Community Arts Studio,  Malak Shopping Centre
Shel O'Toole and CemeNTworx Community Theatre are seeking interest from women in their new collaborative project Revealing Women which is an exploration of intimacy and sexuality.
A small group met Sunday night and had wide ranging conversations including how the questions on the original flyer might be intimidating for some women.  Please be assured these introduction sessions are conversations where we laugh, we speak, we listen, we share.  All we ask is that you join in the conversation.  There is plenty of time afterwards to decide  if you want to remain involved over the life of the project, whether that be in the development or the actual production.
One thing Brenda Logan and I trust  is women's wisdom so the actual design of the production will emerge throughout the project along with the stories that need to be told.
Our first meeting concluded by the group acknowledging that women's experiences  are influenced by a range of factors including family, culture, class and knowing we really want to have a diverse group of women involved.
Please call Shel on 0429 199 825 if you require more information

CemeNTworx Community Theatre Needs You!

We are looking for an older actor to  play a  man in his eighties.
Commemorating  Remembrance Day 2015,  'Darwin Diggers'  written by Christine Collins, will be performed on 6 & 7 November at Chambers Crescent Theatre Malak.
Rehearsals  Mondays & Thursdays at DCA, Malak Shopping Centre 7pm. 
To enlist or for more details, please contact Brenda 0419 256 530 (Brenda.logan@darwincommunityarts.org.au), Dixi 0403 995 751 (dixi.joy@bigpond.com) Christine 0417 861 727 (christine28july@gmail.com)

Revealing Women

Shel O’Toole and CemeNTworx  Community Theatre are seeking interest in their new collaborative project which they aim to present during next year’s Darwin Fringe Festival.  Revealing Women is an exploration of intimacy and sexuality from a woman’s perspective. 
Questions to be explored in the development of the show include:

  • How confident are you in developing intimacy?
  • How comfortable are you discussing sexuality? With your partner? With others?
  • How has your sexual expression evolved throughout your life?
  • What inhibits your expression of your sexuality?

It is envisaged the production will be a series of vignettes that are expressed through spoken word, dance, song and any other art-form we have the knowledge to create. 
The first conversations will occur on Sunday 27 September, 2015 5pm & Wednesday 30 September 7pm at Darwin Community Arts, Malak Shopping Centre, Cnr Malak/Chambers Crescents.
Please call Shel on 0429199825 if you require more information.

CemeNTworx Community Theatre Needs You!

Calling actors to play the following roles in 'Darwin Diggers' to be staged  on 6 & 7 November,  commemorating Remembrance Day 2015.

  1. Male to play old man in his 80's 
  2. Young male to play 12yr old school boy
  3. Male actor to play 24yr old Harry Pott
  4. Male actor to play Glamor Garr, part Filipino 22yr old
  5. Female to play Mrs Budgen, widow aged late 40s.

Rehearsals will take place on Monday & Thursday at DCA, Malak Shopping Centre starting 7pm, 27 August, 2015. To enlist or for more details, please contact  Brenda  0419 256 530 (Brenda.logan@darwincommunityarts.org.au),  Dixi 0403995751 (dixi.joy@bigpond.com) Christine 0417861727 (christine28july@gmail.com)

Darwin Fridge Festival 2015 cancelled

We regret to announce that the Darwin Fridge Festival will not be held in 2015, due mainly to lack of funding and resources. We hope to have the Festival again in 2016. Many thanks to all participants and supporters of the Darwin Fridge Festival.

Arts sector welcomes Senate Inquiry into NPEA

Media Release - Free the Arts 17th June 2015. Free the Arts - a whole of industry alliance of arts and cultural sector organisations and independent artists welcomes yesterday’s successful motion for a Senate Inquiry into the proposed National Programme for Excellence in the Arts (NPEA). “We were delighted to see the motion jointly put forward by Senators Collins (Labor) and Ludlum (Greens) and supported strongly by the independent and crossbench Senators,” said Norm Horton, a spokesperson for the Free the Arts alliance. “The Senate Inquiry adds significant weight to the national calls for Senator Brandis to put an immediate halt to his reckless and damaging changes to arts funding in Australia. The Inquiry now provides the opportunity for the arts and cultural sector to have a say in a decision which according to the evidence given by Senator Brandis in estimates hearings, no one was consulted on”, Horton said. The approval of the Senate Inquiry coincides with a national delegation of sixty arts sector representatives from across the country who will be meeting with the major parties on Thursday, 18 June 2015, in Canberra to urgently address the damage caused by the funding cuts to the Australia Council. For more information: 0407 690444 or contact@freethearts.com.au https://www.facebook.com/freethearts2015

Australia Council announces impact of 2015-2016 budget to programs

Australia Council has announced significant changes to its programs due to the unexpected budget changes for 2015-2016. A major change that affects Darwin Community Arts and other arts organisations in the Northern Territory and around Australia is the suspension of the six-year funding program for organisations. Other changes include:

  • the Australia Council June grant round, including government programs, will not proceed
  • existing applications can be assessed within the September round, which will include multi-year project support for individual artists and arts organisations
  • the Australia Council will honour the current contracts of multi-year funded organisations until their conclusion at the end of 2016
  • the ArtStart, Creative Communities Partnerships Initiative and Artists in Residence programs will not be offered in the future.

See the Australia Council announcements here: http://www.australiacouncil.gov.au/news/media-centre/media-releases/aust...

Support our fundraising & enjoy many discounts

Do you enjoy shopping and eating out while saving money? Who would not? Now there is an opportunity for you to take advantage of discounts worth thousands of dollars while supporting your favorite local non-profit organisation. Buy Entertainment Book ($55) by clicking on this link or directly from our office and we will receive $11 from every book sold. This money will go towards covering costs of Community Dinners. Call us on 8945 7347 for more info. Thank you!

Exhibition: Art and Stories

In their first major exhibition, Patsy Chulugu and Arthur Que Noy share their art and stories for their Daly River country in the Northern Territory. The official opening will take place on Tuesday, 7 April, at 11am at the Northern Territory library in Darwin City. The exhibition will be held until 26 June 2015.


Tuesday, 7 April 2015 - 11:00am to Friday, 26 June 2015 - 5:00pm


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